Demetrius – Keep Going

Berlin's Demetrius Shares 'Keep Going'

Rising songwriter Demetrius was drawn to Berlin through the magnetism of its underground subcultures.

Finding the city a platform for his own ideals, he immersed himself in the city’s subterranean club networks.

Pushing his own music to the next level, Demetrius began sluicing together his influences, constructing new material into the process.

New single ‚Keep Going‘ is a real statement, with the songwriter drawing together the shifting strands of his personal and artistic life.

Dramatic, Freddie Mercury style chemistry aligned to potent electronic pop, it’s about most from the wreckage of a break up to rediscover yourself.

He comments: “Moving to Berlin from New York was a life changing experience – and one of the pivotal moments was this break up. I hope this song can help people understand that I’ve got to keep going. After the break up, after everything doesn’t work, after it all, keep going.”

Tune in now.