Demetrius – Sacrifice (Lunakid Remix)

Deep House Sweden Premiere: Demetrius - Sacrifice (Lunakid Remix)

Here is the second in a string of remixes from Demetrius’ “Black Diamonds” EP. In this case, the Berlin-based producer, Lunakid, takes the soulful “Sacrifice” into another dimension. The Lunakid remix finds a compelling contrast with the dark and emotional vocals from Demetrius combined with the driving Minilogue bassline, eerie drones and quirky sound fx to give the track a new life as a melodic house burner.

From Lunakid:
“It was an inspiring challenge to mix Demetrius‘ soulful vocals with dark techno beats. I mainly used my Korg Minilogue to create the basslines and drones, which became the core of the remix.”

About Lunakid
Birth by passion and devotion, LUNAKID was created by Berlin based artist Konstantin Dellos. Originally Dellos, a punk rocker fueled by whaling guitars and energetic drumming patterns, he found himself in several bands, thus becoming very active on the music scene. Following the DIY principle from lessons learned in dirty basement shows and mid sized festivals, Konstantin still follows this principle in his music and craft today. 

Lunakid is a divine electronic being from a parallel world. A world which all people are treated as divine beings. Upon arrival to our world, Lunakid witnessed the pains and hardships of our earth, thus creating music that tells the story of the emotional journey that he has witnessed since arriving. These emotions in return create songs about ones inner self, and ones quest  for truthfulness and authenticity. To experience Lunakid is to reset ones bond with man and ones bond with nature. This is the one true purpose of Lunakid. 

Lunakid’s sound is a hybrid of future electronica, mixed with traditional ethnic and organic elements. Completing the sound is a hint of drones, which gives the listener the mood of depth, mysticism, meditation  and rejuvenation.

About Demetrius
Originally from New York, Demetrius’s repertoire serves up a soulful, retro take on electronica that perfectly marries his past and present. Reflecting the electronic mecca of his current hometown Berlin, as well as his Trinidadian roots with occasional subtle Caribbean inflexions, his material ranges from melancholic, introspective electronic pop to dramatic synth-driven house through to mystical, progressive house-meets-techno sounds. He has performed in everything from bands to operas, choirs and musicals as well as ghostwriting for others. He has also sung backup vocals for both Elton John and Alicia Keys, and performed and released for years as lead singer of electronic/alternative band Suntalk — recording at the legendary Electric Ladyland Studios in the process.